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SolidWorks for Beginners–Introduction (Part-1)
Published By hotshotracer on 2012-09-03 158 Views

SolidWorks is CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software which is mainly used for modelling and it is commonly used [b]CAD software[/b]. SolidWorks have two types of packages (Professional and Educational). In this article we only deal with the education package of SolidWorks. 

Now let’s see some advantages of SolidWorks are very user friendly software. It has a well defined menu bar, tool bar, pull down menu and a wide graphic area for drawing. Menu bars options are File, View, Tool, Help etc. Each menu has own description in the software.  

Menu bar options are,

 *  File : Using file option we can select New (Part, Assembly, and Drawing) page,
open a previously created page, exit etc.

 *  View :  Using view we can adjust the view of graphic area, tool bars and also we can enable or disable tool bars.

 *  Tool : Tool option contains Solidworks explore, Drive works Explorer, Design Checker and Add-Ins etc. Add INS contains much special option like Elements, Simulation etc.

 *  Help : Help is only for new users. Through help we can also understand what is SolidWorks? What are the features using it? How to create models using the features? etc.

SolidWorks also include simple finite element software (FEM) for analysis of model. Simulation option enables FEM analysis in SolidWorks. By using analysis we can calculate stress, strain and displacements values and plots, when a model is subjected to different types of loading like static, dynamic, thermal, flow etc.

Beginning we have start with Part Modelling. Part converts a 2d drawing into 3D Model. For selecting Part,

   File -> New -> Part -> OK.

We get a new window as shown in figure. This window contains Features, Sketch, Weldaments, and Simulation etc. We can enable more options from Tools-> Add-Ins.

We always use sketch and features for every simple drawing. The Sketch in which we can draw a 2 D drawing like a line, rectangle, and circle etc. features tool convert this 2D drawing into 3D. Main features components are Extrude Boss/Base, revolve Boss/base, Swept boss/base, Loft boss/base, boundary boss/base. These tools are used for generating solid materials. 

Extrude cut, Hole wizard, Revolve cut, Swept cut, Loft Cut, Boundary cut etc are tools used for removing materials from a model. Other features are fillet, Linear Pattern, Rib, Draft, Shell, Wrap, Dome, and Mirror, reference Geometry, Curves, Instant 3D etc.
This is just an introduction of Soildworks software. In my upcoming articles you can see how to use each and every tools and functions in SoildWorks education package. Click here to get latest news of SolidWorks.

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